Gabriel Merlino took his first steps with the bandoneón at the age of 8. He studied with Marcos Madrigal and Alejandro Barletta, and since the age of 12, started to work professionally as a musician in chamber orchestras and tango shows, gaining the patronage of important performers of the instrument, such as Leopoldo Federico and José Libertella from the Sexteto Mayor. In 1995, he formed his first group, “Nuevo Siglo Tango” (new century tango), with which he played 800 concerts between 1996 and 2001 at many of Argentina’s large auditoriums and also at local radio and television shows. Since 2002, he took part in 20 international tours, performing in the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands; Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, Poland, the Baltic States, Austria, and Lebanon among others with his bandoneón solo shows, and also with a number of ensembles like the legendary Tango Pasión, which he is musically directing at the moment. Merlino released his cd Bandoneon Dreams in 2005. It was the first world music cd in the history of this instrument, encompassing genres as far apart as jazz, bolero, baroque, folklore, salsa, candombe and, of course, tango, and also some of Merlino’s own compositions.