Acclaimed by the specialized press and applauded by audiences, Bien de Tango presents a stunning stage show that conveys the full tango experience.

A series of all-time favorite tangos transforms the stage into a background for a nonstop display of energy and emotion. Bien de Tango showcases the traditional nuances of tango in a cutting-edge show, ranging from its golden era to the modern excitement of the 2x4.

Featuring a live orchestra, ten talented dancers, and two of the most refined singers in Argentina, Bien de Tango instills life to a 90-minutes succession of scenes full of sensuality and dynamism. Currently introducing some brand new music compositions, Bien de Tango also performs the classics, thus merging tango's rough beginnings with the current renewed trend of the 2x4.

The dancing, delivered through delicate tango, vals, and milongas choreographies, covers all styles, enhancing the classical features of this emotional dance. Man-and-woman’s sensual embrace highlights the spirit of the tango in each choreographic design. Their dense and elegant walk embellishes the traditional imprint of this unique and personal show that reflects the sensual and emotional nature of our people’s music and dance.

Created and directed by renowned dancer and choreographer Federico Strumeio, Bien de Tango’s whole show is permeated by live music. It trembles passionately in a repertoire of choice led by renowned bandoneonist Gabriel Merlino, recreating each scene as a vignette of an era.

Singing gains a special presence in the show owing to bold, strong voices… Bien de Tango welcomes the expression of the new generations of artists like María José Demare, Noelia Moncada, Vanina Tagini, and El Arranque and Color Tango orchestras, which have been part of this show as well.