In 2000, dancer Federico Strumeio created the Bien de Tango Dance Company, made up of talented Argentine musicians, dancers, and singers, with the aim to express on stage the unflagging energy of the new generations of tango artists.

Since then, Bien de Tango has presented its shows in the most important theaters in Buenos Aires, such as the ND Ateneo, the Teatro La Comedia, and the Centro Cultural Borges, summoning major orchestras like El arranque and Color Tango. Bien de Tango has also been invited to take part in the most prominent tango festivals in Argentina. It has also performed at important theaters in Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

Since 2007, it has successfully presented its multidisciplinary show Bien de Tango at the prestigious Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires. Bien de Tango has been praised by the trade press as one of the most comprehensive and representative Argentine tango shows.